Adventures in Digital History Spring 2020

Week 1

I chose to take Adventures in Digital History this semester because I needed to take a class that would count toward my Museum Studies minor and this one looked the most interesting. I am not familiar with many digital tools and I would like to learn how to use more of them. I hope to be able to use the skills I learn in this class to complete projects later in college and in my career.

Digital History is the use of technology to advance the study of history. The progression of technology has brought change to every facet of human life and society, including how people share and learn information. Digital Humanities refers to a broad range of disciplines that use technology to present information. Each discipline favors some digital tools over others and makes unique contributions to the domain of digital humanities. Digital History is one of these specialized disciplines, and favors digital mapping while contributing to the education of students and the greater public.

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This class seems like it’ll be super helpful with your Museum Studies minor! I’m really excited to learn these new tools as well, I love learning new technology. I agree with your analysis on Digital History vs. Digital Humanities as well; any other disciplines of Digital Humanities that you’re interested in?

I am also interested in Digital Archaeology. I am a Historic Preservation major and archaeology plays an important role in the field, so I would like to learn about tools that could be applied to digital archaeology as well.

The introduction of Cohen and Rosenzweig’s Digital History was the most helpful to me, along with Stephen Robertson’s article, “The Differences between Digital Humanities and Digital History”.

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