Adventures in Digital History Spring 2020

Civil War Letters Week 7 Update

So far the group has been focusing mainly on scanning. We still have a little over 120 letters to scan, so we are a little behind schedule. We were trying to be finished by Spring Break, but we should finish scanning soon after break. We are behind because of some obstacles that we have encountered, such as missing letters or letters that were out of order. While we are scanning we follow specific guidelines for organizing and labeling the scans that we outlined at the beginning of the process. Attached is the spreadsheet that we have been using to keep track of the letter scans. This will make them easier to find and access for us when we need to integrate them into our Omeka site, and also for when we send to the NPS for them to have in their digital archive.

We have also started to plan and work on the Timeline and Storymap. Erin and Dennis will be collaborating on the Timeline and Hunter and I will be collaborating on the Storymap. We had a hard time figuring out how we would collaborate on the Storymap because it is not possible for two people or accounts to edit the same map. The solution we came to was creating an email account for the whole group, which we used to create a Storymap. We all have the credentials to the email, so we will all have access to it. After break, even though we will still be scanning the letters, we should remain on schedule in regards to the elements of our site.

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Everything Anna says here is on point. While our goal was to scan the majority of the letters prior to Spring Break, real life (work schedules) intervenes and we have to adapt.

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