Adventures in Digital History Spring 2020

Civil War Letters: Week 11

The new unprecedented circumstances we are now all facing have forced us, like everyone else, to make changes to our original plan for our project. Sadly, we did not get all of the letters scanned in the Digital Archiving Lab before we had to leave campus, so we will not have a full collection of letter to give back to the NPS. Hopefully, others will be able to continue and finish the work in the future. What that means for our Omeka site is that we will either have to use the jpeg scans provided by the NPS of the letters that we did not get to scan, or just exclude the letters that we did not have time to scan. If we decide on the former, we have to make sure to include the appropriate citations and give credit where credit is due.

While we figure out what to do about the letters, we are continuing to work on the timeline and StoryMap. Both are coming along well and should be close to finished very soon. The next step is to start embedding the letter files in our Omeka site. Our plan is for everyone to practice uploading one letter to the site by Thursday and compare what we did. Using that, we will establish a standard method of embedding and entering in metadata.

To see our full group update, see the post “Group Update 3/24” on Erin Andrewlevich’s blog. (shown below)

Group Update 3/24

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